John Morreale

Main Stage Productions is a proud American company founded in the fundamentals of life, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

John has been involved in the music industry since 2009.  Since then he has gone from DJing his high school's dances to rocking large production events and everything in between.

Having worked with audio, video, lighting, installations, design, and logistics for over 10 years he is well prepared to take on any challenge.   John has also worked with other local companies such as Raven PMG, AVG, PSAV and alongside many more.


Established in 2020, Main Stage Productions and its talented team are excited to work with you!

Coup De Gras
Febuary 2020

Exodus, Animale, Wags, Mardi, Flamingeaux, Lil Jodeci, & Dadum came together for the Coup De Gras Mardi Gras Rave.  For this show we played a key role in supplementing audio, video, lighting, and SFX.

Teady Rose.jpg
Teddy Rose
September 2019

Teddy Rose is a producer and DJ.  In 2019 months he performed in over 40 cities to include: Las Vegas, Tokyo, London, Singapore, San Francisco, Ho Chi Minh City and Atlanta.

Neno Calvin.jpg
Neno Calvin
Jul 2013

Neno Calvin performed alongside other local artists at a private function, Project 18, based off of the movie Project X.  DJ Morreale provided production services as well as DJ'd for the event.

Three 6 Mafia
October 2019

Three 6 performed for a collective of fraternities up in Baton Rouge for a show that was truly wild.

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Mardi Glow
March 2019

Wags the racoon is a music producer and DJ, having played numerous festivals around the world including performing on Ultra's stages for over 10 years.

Phase 1.jpg
Phase One
March 2019

From Australia he is an artist, producer & DJ who has toured the world and placed his mark across a growing number of festival lineups.